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  CUSTODIOL® HTK Solution is indicated for perfusion and flushing of donor kidneys, liver, pancreas and heart prior to removal from the donor or immediately after removal from the donor. The solution is left in the organ vasculature during hypothermic storage and transportation (not for continuous perfusion) to the recipient.

  Cell-Ess® product offers researchers the advantage of superior performance compared to serum. As a replacement for FBS or any other type of serum, Cell-Ess® is a 100% synthetic, reproducible medium with no lot-to-lot variation. Cell-Ess® is free of all animal components.

  Cryo-Ess® is a replacement in cryopreservation for toxic dimethyl sulfoxide (DSMO). Cryo-Ess® protects the cells from ice crystals by preventing crystallization during the thawing process, and has demonstrated synthetic reproducibility with no lot-to-lot variability.

  Tissue specimens preserved with Clin-Ess® have less DNA and RNA degradation and fewer artifacts than those preserved using conventional methods, allowing for more efficient and safer tissue preservation than traditional methods. Additionally, Clin-Ess® allows for transport without paraformaldehyde and as such does not effect downstream testing such as DNA and RNA tests.


Essential Pharmaceuticals DonationTransplant Hospital Donation

Essential Pharmaceuticals and our partners in Canada, Methapharm, created a painting that is being donated to a transplant hospital in Arizona.

New Study Underway

A new study is currently recruiting participants under the title Custodiol-HTK Solution as a Cardioplegic Agent - A Prospective Non-Inferiority Randomized Clinical Trial. For more information, visit

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Featured Video

Liver Transplant Video: David Mulligan performs a donor liver transplant using Custodiol® HTK Solution

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Recent Studies

Lung Transplant, Double Valve Repair, and Pulmonary Artery Aneurysm Resection

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Essential Matters

Essential Pharmaceuticals is a proud sponsor of the Transplant Games

Essential Pharmaceuticals is a proud sponsor of the Transplant Games, Team North Carolina

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Tampa boy making progress after 5-organ transplant

This is the real reason we do what we do …. TAMPA –  These days Adonis Ortiz, 3, is on the move with energy to burn. He’s a happy child who smiles easily and loves Mickey Mouse. “I love having our little munchkin. He makes us laugh all day,” said his mother, Aracelis Ortiz. Life

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Essential Pharmaceuticals proudly supports the Gift of Life Fund

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Liver Transplant Surgery: Dr. Mark Ghobrial – Custodiol was the organ preservation solution

  Found a video on You Tube today – though not specifically mentioned, Custodiol HTK is the “solution” they refer to.

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Polish man gets quick face transplant after injury – Custodiol HTK was the preservation solution

A 33-year-old Polish man received a face transplant just three weeks after being disfigured in a workplace accident, in what his doctors said Wednesday is the fastest time frame to date for such an operation. It was Poland’s first face transplant.

Face transplants are extraordinarily complicated and relatively rare procedures that usually require extensive preparation of the recipient over a period of months or years. But medical officials said the Polish patient’s condition was deteriorating so rapidly that a transplant was seen as the only way to save his life. The patient is now being watched for any potential infections.

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Liver Transplant Outcomes in the United States : Effect of Preservation Solution John Fung, MD, PhD Cleveland Clinic

Dr. John Fung made this presentation in Germany a few months back.  I was just able to obtain a copy of his power point.  Finally some clear rationale and thinking behind a VERY flawed “database analysis” Fung-Berlin HTK Symposium slides 7-12

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AHCA approves Cleveland Clinic Florida applications for heart, liver and kidney transplant services

A direct quote from Dr. John Fung “Cleveland Clinic is a recognized pioneer in the field of organ transplantation,” said John Fung, MD, PhD, Chairman of the Digestive Disease Institute and Director of the Transplant Center at Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. “Our patient outcomes and survival rates have been at or above national standards (fyi

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IU tweeted during a live kidney donation – first time ever!!!

We followed IU all morning.  Their tweets came at a good pace and keep all informed as to what was going on in the OR.  This tweet caught our attention: IU Health@IU_Health WARNING/GRAPHIC- Surgeons are done flushing #calebskidney w/ HTK solution. Now they are preparing the new kidney to go into Caleb’s body. Thank you IU

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Best Practices included Custodiol HTK! Check out this abstract at the upcoming ATC

Custodiol HTK used in this Hospitals’ Best Practice protocol

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“HTK-preserved livers have significantly less risk of biliary leak and intrahepatic stricture formation when compared to UW-preserved grafts”

HTK-preserved livers have significantly less
risk of biliary leak and intrahepatic stricture formation when compared to
UW-preserved grafts. UW has a much higher risk of intrahepatic strictures in DCD
grafts when compared to HTK.

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International Distributors
Click here to view our international list of worldwide Custodiol® HTK distributors.

Ask The Experts

An open forum for transplant professionals at

Transplant Case Studies

Read recent transplant case studies by Dr. Richard Mangus, Dr. Bijan Eghtesad, and James V. Guarrera, MD.

"I have never had to re-operate on a liver transplant patient because of biliary complications since I've used Custodiol."
- Dr. Charles Miller, Cleveland Clinic

"With Custodiol, the flush in the liver is more uniform and homogenous, providing better protection."
- Dr. Paulo Fontes, University of Pittsburgh

"I use Custodiol HTK exclusively and my results are better than the national average."
- Dr. James Eason, University of Tennessee

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