Essential Pharmaceuticals, LLC, Celebrates 10th Anniversary

EWING, NJ, April 6, 2016 — I am very proud of Essential reaching a milestone by celebrating its 10th anniversary as a growing company.

When Essential Pharmaceuticals, LLC began in 1996, we started in a shared office space with a handful of employees and a small but thriving market share in the organ preservation solutions market (Custodiol® HTK). Since then, we’ve grown significantly and have become a leader in the organ transplant solution market in the US and a respected resource in the Bio-Processing world due with our new products for Cell-Culture, Protein Production and Tissue transportation (Cell-Ess® and Clin®-Ess products)

Among Essential’s Core Values is one in particular – “We are obsessively customer focused.” Our commitment to client service excellence remains steadfast since the beginning. We believe continuing to build strong, lasting relationships is the key to our mutual success.

We are proud of all we have accomplished over the last ten years, and we are excited and energized as we enter our next decade to help advance the fields of organ transplant and biopharmaceutical production and medical research with our new “Ess” line of products, Cell-Ess® and Clin-Ess®.

We will continue building on the strengths of our past, our recognized strong reputation and unwavering core values and we look forward to an equally bright next 10 years of growth and service to our customers who depend on us.

Allan Weber
Essential Pharmaceuticals, LLC

For more information contact our corporate office: 609 323-7838.




Denise A. Weber
Operations/Marketing Manager

Essential Pharmaceuticals
Princeton South Corporate Center
Ewing, NJ 08628