Essential Pharmaceuticals, LLC announces the release of Cell-Ess® media supplement for cell culture and large scale bioproduction of proteins and vaccines

Ewing, NJ November 11, 2014 – Essential Pharmaceuticals LLC announces the release of Cell-Ess® media supplement for cell culture and large scale bioproduction of proteins and vaccines.  This novel supplement can be added to an optimized serum free media for greater protein yield or used as a culture media in place of FBS or other media. Cell-Ess is chemically-defined, animal component free and delivers critical components needed for cell growth.

Cell-Ess is a building block used to create a robust media addressing cell culture demands for bioproduction.  Addition of Cell-Ess resulted in significant increase in productivity.  In a recent study, a significant increase in monoclonal antibody yield was observed when Cell-Ess was used as a feed at 5% (v/v) and when used as an initial supplement at 1% (v/v).

Cell-Ess used as an initial supplement or as a feed resulted in greater than 25% increase in two independent monoclonal antibody clones,” says Dr. Adam Elhofy, CSO of Essential Pharmaceuticals. “The increase in protein production was observed in both raw titer and on a per cell basis.”

Historically, innovation to increase protein titer has focused on optimizing media or cell lines to increase cell proliferation or protein expression. However, successes in increasing protein titer have often impacted protein quality, as evidenced by changes to glycosylation patterns. To address those problems, Essential Pharmaceuticals released the media supplement Cell-Ess, which has been shown to increase titer without impacting glycosylation.

Other bioprocessing challenges include scalability, downstream efficiency, and changes to the metabolic profile. Essential Pharmaceuticals is engaged in research regarding how Cell-Ess positively impacts management of these issues.

“At Essential Pharmaceuticals we provide solutions to manage organs, tissues and individual cells for research purposes,” says Allan Weber, CEO. “We are very excited to see how this new application of Cell-Ess will enable bioproduction scientists to produce better engineered proteins for therapeutic use in a chemically-defined manner.”

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