Though Essential Pharmaceuticals, LLC was established in 2006, its story goes back to the year 2000 with the launch of Custodiol® HTK organ preservation solution. At that time, Allan Weber had brought the product to Odyssey Pharmaceuticals as a product in the company’s new organ transplant line of business. The product rapidly grew into a significant yet highly specialized business with its own sales team and marketing network.

Fast forward to 2005, and Odyssey’s parent company was in the process of being acquired by the only company in the US with a competitive product to Custodiol HTK. Allan Weber, than General Manager for Odyssey, saw the opportunity with the divesture necessitated by government regulations and created Essential Pharmaceuticals, bringing the entire sales division with him.

Essential continued to grow Custodiol, and even sought studies for new indications at the FDA, which are ongoing. Looking to further grow the company, Essential explored new medical treatments in the area of transplant surgery, looking to capitalize on our years of support and learning with the surgeons and medical personnel. Essential’s search into how better preserve organs led it to start looking at how to preserve the cells of the organs themselves. With the leadership of Essential’s new Chief Science Officer, this led to a new business  the “Ess” line of products.

After three years of development, new products are ready for the market.

  • Cell-Ess® – A serum free, totally synthetic serum replacement used to grow cells
  • Clin-Ess® – An animal component free medium that can preserve tissue samples for study and diagnostic testing at cold or frozen temperatures

Each of these products provides medical researchers and manufacturers new tools to bring control, performance, and convenience that they do not have with the current offerings.

With an eye towards the future, Essential looks forward to expanding its pharmaceutical and research presence. Essential will support the preservation and growth of human systems, from the cell to the entire organ through expanding its research and product development to further medical treatments for mankind.