As usual, this year’s Peptalk did not disappoint.  Held in San Diego from January 18th-22nd, Peptalk (The Protein Science Week) featured interesting talks and posters as well as entertaining events for attendees.  A couple highlights of the week:

  • Dr. Nathan Lewis of UCSD discussed a systems biology approach to understand CHO cells and use that information to improve the efficiency of CHO cell factories
  • A panel discussion including Dr. Lewis and Dr. Sarah Rue of Novartis explored what drives bioproduction engineers to innovate, why the industry hasn’t moved away from CHO to human cell lines, and the future of regulation, particularly around engineered cell lines
  • Dr. Denise Krawitz of Genentech reviewed her findings on host cell proteins, discussed the use of host cell protein ELISAs, and showed that cell viability is the biggest contributor to changes in host cell protein over time

Our own CSO, Dr. Adam Elhofy, presented a poster and gave a talk entitled “A Novel Lipid Supplement Significantly Increases mAb Titer in Bioreactors, without Creating a Deleterious Metabolic Profile or Increasing Biomass.”  He was also invited to give a brief talk summarizing his poster